Unity Challenge

Unity Challenge

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rashida Girigori Ambassador of the Nigeria Reggae Festival a project of the Non-profit organisation Music Africa Awake.  



This Year we are organizing the very first Reggae Festival in Nigeria.   

It will be a 3-day festival from 29th of September to 1st of October.  

We will grace the stage with National and International artists, have workshops to educate the youth and unite Nigeria.   


We present the Nigeria Reggae Festival as a peace concert. ''Reuniting Africa and it's diaspora trough reggae music''.  

Our goal is to reunite the youth of Africa and encourage them to stop fighting the battles of our elders.  

Step by step reuniting them with the diaspora that got taken out of our land some hundred years ago.   

And together rebuilding Africa back to a great nation it once was. 


The Nigeria Reggae Festival is an annual event that :   



as an historical and cultural bridge between Mama Africa and people of African descent in the Diaspora.   


Will create a global platform for re-integration of Africans in Diaspora back to their ancestral and cultural roots and thereby contributing to socio-economic development of Africa.  


Contributes to the peace and safety in our land by educating the youth as to what is expected of them   

Contributes to rebuilding Africa by Involving the youth in a 3 year project building fully functional African schools/housing and water/boreholes and so creating employment.

The Governor will be commissioning the school/housing water/borehole.

This is a 3 year project to enable us to achieve our maximum goals.   

After 3 years we will move to another state and repeat the process, rebuilding, state by state.

MKP South Africa partnered with us to build infrastructures in Africa



With Nigeria Reggae Festival. donators and our partners we will eventually start school/housing and boreholes projects throughout Nigeria.


These coming 3 years we will focus on the Awka Anambra State.  


The unity fundraising Challenge will last until the 15th of September 2018 


What we ask of you? 


This is a social media challenge  

Tag 10 people in your list daily for 10 days (100 friends) ask them

to donate 5 euro and let them tag 10 friends as well who will enter the 10 day challenge.  

Urge your friends to keep this challenge alive.


Together we will prove, in these 3 months that  5 euro can make a difference in life.  

By uniting in funding we can realize the above.  

Know that we all are important and I appreciate your contribution to this event!


I myself will start the challenge by donating 5 euro and tagging 10 people 


Let's build Wakanda 4 Ever!!! 

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Luis Sint Jago

11 maanden geleden
Let\'s do this Wakanda for ever



rashida Girigori

11 maanden geleden
I believe in rebuilding Africa and with this project we will do what we can to build schools/ hospitals/ wells and help create jobs for the youth

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