Save lives by brain&thought rescue

Save lives by brain&thought rescue

My dream is to quickly save lives or our childrenI have a dream. For our children. Yours too. For everybody. A powerful one. There will be a new

profession, one that saves lives. One that can change, almost instantly, the conflicting thoughts and beliefs in somebody's head. No years full oftherapy. Powerful, quick and lasting action. Depression? Gone. Stress? Gone. Low self-esteem? Gone. These problems all start with thoughts goingthrough your mind in which you get stuck. And in which you see no way out.I have found myself powerless next to loved ones suffering from depression.And I have experienced them myself. I have felt the heavy weight of body and mind. The circles your mind keeps going full of negative thoughts and theway it makes you sick. Where was THE person that could lend a helping hand en show the quick way to stop this mill? I was too stubborn to ask formedicines or traditional treatment. There had to be a way. According to what I first found on the internet, it could not be done on one's self. Icomposed various ideas and suggestions and did found a way out of it. I saw then that if it can be done it can be done. Now it has to be done forothers.One sunny afternoon in a dark bedroom where a mother calls, crying, for medical assistance. That was the work I did before I went to step intomy purpose and work on my dream. We were called for her son aged 23 He had been so quiet over the last weeks. His mother could not reach him and thathad broke her heart. And today he had not come out of bed. His body lay so still. Empty medicine boxes next to his bed. Next to a TV with aPlayStation attached to it and an empty box of the Mario game. A pile of Donald Ducks. Empty cans of energy drink. The emotions in the air were sostrong I felt I could touch them. And the smashing realization that we were too late. That hurts, but not as much as it did hurt the mother. She satnext to her son, who had been her little baby.Our children that we desperately want to protect. Whom we want to give the message that they are enough.We want them to make their dreams come true, to help them create a powerful mind. People make the impossible possible all the time. There will be aprofession like that. If it's not here yet, we will create it.In my quest I took training of the best that I have seen sofar and that I could afford.There are more and they are high on my list. I ask for help donating for training with the best teachers so that I can compose the best of the besttechniques. So far I composed a method in which in 30 days less heavy problems like stress, low esteem and a busy head transform and people experiencemore feelings of joy, overview and power. People are grateful and it actually saved 1 life. But it has to be more, made bigger, deeper and quicker.It has to work within an hour. Brain problems have to be fixed within an hour. Sometimes there simply is no time to do weeks or years of therapy in ayoung person's mind. And yes a lot of people need how to rescue brains like that. And yes I will need a lot of help. People once believed no man couldever reach the moon, children now know it can be done.People now believe no man could ever reach and repair the human mind fast and effective,children in the future will know it can be done. And what will that do to the possibilities in their lives... We. Will. Get. This. Done.
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Dromer - Save lives by brain&thought rescue

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