Quint's remarkable opportunity NYC!

Quint's remarkable opportunity NYC!


My name is Quint Verhaart and I have almost completed my third year at the Art Academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. Every day I have worked extremely hard at school and at home to get me where I am now. 

I have been selected by the most famous fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh to talk about my portfolio, because he was intrigued by my work. (see photo)

Next to that I have had 3 expositions with my work across the city of Rotterdam on various subjects, one of them recycled materials.

But now the time has finally come to take my biggest career opportunity that I have ever as a student had! 

"A 6 months internship in New York City to work side by side with fashion designer Karolina Zmarlak and learning as an designer-assistant in the Fashion Industry, starting from February!"

This is a once in a lifetime chance for me to work and learn from the Fashion Destrict in NYC, working towards the New York Fashion Week.

And getting inspired by all the museums and cultures of America. Gaining more expertise, skills and connections so that after my graduation next year I can start as a fashion designer.

Unfortunately besides my scholarship, living in New York City is as you know very expensive and I would be devastated if due to lack of money I wouldn't be able to finish this internship.. 

But, why should a stranger choose to help me? Because I appreciate it so much that I will offer you a REWARD and an EXPERIENCE for your help! 

Depending on the amount of the gift: 

- A postcard of a self made design with a personal thank you!

- An awesome unique T-shirt design, specialy made for you only, with a personal story for your amazing gift!

- An unique handmade jacket with a personal story specially made for your very very generously gift!

Just like Colombus who was remarkable with his unique project, I will do the same! Not by discovering an entire new world, but helping you and myself with my journey to see the Fashion Industry in New York City in a never seen before way!

Because I am very inquisitive and adventurous, I will visit many places, mails, and museums around New York City to get inspirated and through my Instagram and Facebook page I will keep you up to date with all my destinations, sketches and stories.

These are unfortunately my biggests costs:

- Renting a room $700 (month)

- Airline ticket $493,70 (1x)

- Visa $1395(1x)

- Train/metro $30 (month)

- Museums/events/Cult. Instit $100 (month)

- Food & Drinks $200 min (month)

- etc.

By helping me, you will give me the initial push I need to make my dream become reality and a step closer to a professional career as a Fashion Designer.

It will be a lot of work. But! With your support it is the start of my career, a new chapter and challenge in my life that I want to share for 6 months with you.

This job experience is my dream, to take part of a very inspiring internship in New York City. I hope you want to be part of it! 

No gift is too small.

You can visit my website to see my work on:


Instagram: DestinShiro (for my latest work)

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Special Thanks!!

A postcard of a self made design with a personal thank you handwritten!


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An awesome unique T-shirt design, specially made for you only, with a personal story for you large gift!


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An unique handmade jacket with a personal story specially made for your very very generously gift! You will be the only one in the world with this jacket!!