Keep Kings Magic's Fairytale Alive

You can read the Eglish version in the update!

You can read the Eglish version in the update!

Update :
Ons bedrijf Kings Magic staat op het punt van verdrinken.

Wij willen niet opgeven, daarom kin omhoog en mouwen opstropen net als Pipi zou doen.

❤️ Wij hebben het nooit gedaan dus denken dat we het wel kunnen!!! ❤️

Deze Crowdfunding om een Atelier te beginnen is een positieve stap om toch weer wat grond onder onze tenen te krijgen.
We zijn nederig genoeg om toe te geven dat daar hulp bij nodig is!
Alles opgeven waar onze passie ligt is geen optie ...
Onze droom gaan we waarmaken hoe dan ook!!!

Wij hebben het nooit gedaan dus denken dat we het wel kunnen!!!

Klik op deze link om ons jouw helpende hand te schenken, en lees daar wat wij jou in ruil kunnen geven. En delen zou echt superlief zijn!

Iedere kleine bijdrage zijn we onwijs blij mee, iedere euro komt goed terecht lieve mensen.

❤️ Alle kleine beetjes samen geven ons de kans grote dingen te laten zien ❤️
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Update : Dear Kings Magic fans all over the world I need your help!
Life isnt always easy as in the land of Milk & Honey ....
Thats why I give you a honest en personal view in our life.

Kings Magic shall never loose his magic and creativity, but is now on the point of drowning.

Kings Magic is Richard van Heerde, he makes with his fantasy, his camera and a variety of computerprograms magical & unique Artwork.
Fairytales becomes real, true his eyes and skills.

When you choose not to be an average photografer, but really being passionate in your love for fantasy and wanna make that kind of Artwork. Just because Thats the thing that makes your skin crawl ... Its not gonna be easy
... than you are not just shooting images but making Art.

Kings Magic has international fans all over the world and we really need all your help!

They say artists lives on only love & bread, and sadly enough thats the bitter truth for us.

To survive with our business we need more exposure, we need to show everybody this beautiful Artwork. So everybody wants to buy it!
This means we need space, to survive, to grow, to give workshops and lessons and a studio to make all that beautiful work in.

At the end of last year we moved to a stunning area to live, surrounded with nature.
This inspiring place gives Kings creativity an enormous boost.
But our new home is unfit to work in.

King makes his magic happening with gear thats like glued together with ducktape as we speak. He need a new camera to keep continue his work.

I'm Kings greatest fan on earth, giving him all of my love, and make with absolute nothing the nicest en most fun live for him, keeping him happy & inspired ❤️❤️❤️

We don't need much to live, are happy with all the little wonders. Wouldn't it be a shame that King loose all his wild beautyfull curls, because that is really about to happen at this moment, if he is not able to bring out his endless stunning creativity, because there is no money to live of and no working gear to work with.

Dear fans all over the world can you help me?

My plan is to create with King for Kings Magic a studio / atelier, a cute and lovely space , for example to rent something not expensive.
We are able to make something incredible beautiful with a low budget!
You wanna help make that happening?
Because I have all the ideas, the passion, the time and my little magic wand ...

May I ask for prosperity?
... Our treasury needs to be filled with lots of gold to keep making all this magical stuff out off my Kings brain!!!

Wiil you help me make this dream come true? To come in the flow again?

In exchange for your gift up to €100 you get the opportunity to spent a special afternoon or evening to visit our studio. You can see in real life what you helped accomplice.

In exchange for your gift between €100 and €200 you get besides a special visit at our studio, also the opportunity to choose one of the already finished Artworks of Kings Magic, we send you a print, so you get something unique with a certificate of authenticity.

In exchange for your gift up of €200 you get besides a special visit at our studio,
a print of a Custom Made Kings Magic Fantasy Artwork especially made by all of your wishes. Something unique with a certificate of authenticity.

For companies that want to support Kings Magic with a gift up of €200, you get in exchange a Artwork of your company you've never seen before.

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