Help me retrieve my stolen goods

Help me retrieve my stolen goods

Victim of a desperate coward

Hi my name is Daniel i'm 28 years old, life together with my wife, daughter and 4 cats in Amersfoort.

In june 2010 I had an accident which left me partially paralyzed from the neck down.

On february 18 I went out to the Casino with a friend of mine, i had a pretty succesfull evening turning 75 euro into 600 euro.

After we left the casino I dropped my friend of at his home, went for some gas a continued my way homewards.

Having arrived there i got out of my car, making my way to the boot while holding my car when i suddenly got knocked over.

I was being robbed, the money I still had in my wallet got taken, as got my phone and my bagpack (where i had my tablet in with accesories) before the criminal took of he even apologized for robbing me but he really needed the money.

Well thank you!!

It all happend in a matter of seconds and the robber was already gone when neighbours arrived to help me up from the ground. Thankfully I only suffered minor injuries, bruses and a light concusion.

The robber got away with

- 540 euro's cash (which is what i had left in my wallet after some coca cola and gas) 

- HTC U12 Plus (which i had given from my family wife and friends for my birthday a month before) 

- Bagpack maybe worth 30 euro's 

- Samsung Galaxy Tab4 pro with keyboard cover and bluetooth mouse (which i use for presentations when i go tell people about life with a handicap in rehabilitation centers)

This all together has an estimated value of 2500 euro's.

I'm fortunate enough that my friends and family got together again and replaced the phone that got stolen.

But still having lost all my other posessions is a big set back for me and my family.

Also the mental impact it had on me, can't be described in words.

On recommendation of a close friend i start this funding hoping there are some beautifull people out there willing to help me out, so I can at least buy back the items that got stolen from me.

Thank you very much

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