#ChristmasWish #TeethForTim

#ChristmasWish #TeethForTim

Dear friends from Twitter

As a child I already have bad teeth, and later it turned out that it is periodontitis. Cause is stress. 2 years ago I had a jaw operation and the dental surgeon then touched my nerves so I no longer have feelings in my lip and tongue. Because of this my dentures do not fit all these years. I have stomach complaints and can not eat properly. The worst thing is that I no longer look in the mirror and do not dare to go out because I am ashamed. Even when I laugh I hold my hand in front of my mouth and do not dare to laugh with my children when a picture is taken...

I have worked 30 years as a cook and 4 years ago I got an accident and then a stroke. After 6 months of revalidation I lost my job. 

Recently I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and feel worthless.

I had a meeting with the dentist about this and he wants to help me to place a bridge section underneath. The bridge section has to be placed this year because then the dentist can recover a number of costs from the insurance. It is very expensive and even though you have helped us in the past, I would still like to ask for your help and support. 

My wish is that around Christmas I can show my wife and children a proud father with beautiful teeth, can eat normally again, and you can help me with that. I would be very grateful for any form of financial help to make this wish come true. If you have anything to spare this Holiday season your gift/ donation would be welcome.

You all know me as #Tim from Twitter that makes heartbreaking and beautiful animal videos for my followers every day . I believe that people can fulfill my wish and I thank you for that. Let my dream come true and Spread the world.

"Helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for one person"

Love #Tim

Update : Dear friends,
Another 6 days to go for the campaign #TeethForTim and the intermediate score is € 1,370 or € 2,630 goal. Raised by 41 people. Thanks to you, I got the chance to place a bridge section on December 20 at the dentist. Exactly for #Christmas my wish is fulfilled, and I am very happy with it.
Partly due to my anxiety disorder, the last few weeks were very difficult to start a campaign and to put some nice videos on my Twitter account in between. I have had very nice heart-warming reactions and thank you for donating and sharing my messages. I hope that the last week we can raise the amount so that I can make a payment arrangement with the dentist if he would like to do that for me. I hope that you will continue to support me until December 20 and I can go through life with a smile again.
Thanks everyone
Love #Tim
Geplaatst op 14 December 2018

Update : Dear friends,
On 7 November I started the #TeethForTim campaign and we are now more than 4 weeks further. You have already collected almost half of the final amount together. I am very happy with it and I never dreamed about it. We still have a few days to go and on December 20 the bridge section is placed by the dentist. I have always kept you informed by posting photo's and explanations and looking forward to it. Eventually after more than 2 years I can eat again, and hope that the stomach complaints are less. The most important thing is that I just dare to go outside again, and can laugh again without being ashamed of myself. I owe this all to you and will never forget this. I hope that we will achieve the ultimate goal and hope that you want to share the messages as much as possible on your media accounts. Every donation, however small, is welcome so that we can laugh through on December 20th.
A lot of love #Tim
Geplaatst op 09 December 2018

Update : Dear friends,
20 months ago I started the account of The Invisible man and from the beginning it was a great success. I got a lot of followers every day, while other big accounts just buy their followers ... This quickly led to a number of jealous people, who wanted to get me so quickly from Twitter because they saw me as a competitor and they made a huge amount of money with earn their accounts. When last summer my wife went sick and I called in your help, there was only one option to stop. I was threatened daily, insulted and my pleasure was gone. After 2.5 months of pause, I came back with one reason, to thank you for all the support you gave us via Twitter. Many people asked if I wanted to post beautiful stories again and found it fun again as a distraction. As you all know, it is not so good in our family in recent years. Financially, physically and by all kinds of events, we were psychologically in a deep trough. We try to get out of this with all help, guidance through doctors, psychiatrists and medication.There is now after my PTSD an anxiety disorder that I am now being helped The last few weeks there has been daily help and yet I try to do something nice via Twitter because I feel lonely. And also I had a wish, a new bridge section 4 weeks ago I did not expect that many people have helped me, and my thanks for that. What I did not expect is that the same big money-earning media accounts put me in a black light and say that I am a liar and scammer, and they try to call so many people to thwart my action. I now get daily death threats that do not make it any better, ask for pictures, which I also show you, but it is not good anyway. These are pathetic people who do not have their own life and enjoy making a trouble, without first asking whether the story is true or not. These people are reported on a daily basis and also removed so that others appear again. I do not have anything to do with this kind of people and I'm sorry for you, this is just a wish and people can volunteer something. Nothing is mandatory
I hope that people understand my side and with 2 weeks to go I hope that we will achieve the final goal. Please continue to support me in any form
Love #Tim
Geplaatst op 06 December 2018

Update : Dear friends,
Before I started the action #TeethForTim on Twitter, I wrote many letters to different dentists to help me and that I could not pay the entire bill, but nobody wanted to cooperate. Also at the bank I did not get a loan because I am 100% unsuitable for work. The friends of the past years that I had, I lost because of my mental problems. There was one option for me and those are my friends and Followers from #Twitter. If I look at the past month now, you have already helped me enormously and we are almost halfway to the final goal. I am very happy with this and hope that you also want to continue supporting me in the last few weeks by sharing the campaign and a donation if possible. December 20 the bridge section is finally placed and I can eat normally again. I hope that my #ChristmasWish will be fulfilled so that I will go through life with a smile again.
The last years have been very heavy because of the high doctors bills and we have also been able to pay these thanks to you. I am also very happy that we as a family are still together, despite all the misery.
We as a family want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped with sweet messages and the many donations, and you all have a special place in our hearts.
Please continue to support me and I hope that we can collect the amount together
Love #Tim
Geplaatst op 03 December 2018

Update : Dear friends, we have been on the road for over 3 weeks with my campaign #ChristmasWish #TeethForTim and thanks to you there is already quite some money raised. I was not on Twitter today because of 2 reasons, First I had the first treatment for my anxiety disorder which was very heavy and will take a long time and then I had to go to the dentist because I had an infection in my mouth for a week. He thought it was important to start right away with the bottom of my teeth because if I lose 1 more teeth then it is no longer possible to install a bridge section. I was very scared and after 2 hours of working, the 4 teeth were sharpened and temporary crowns were placed over them. There is also a scan made from the bottom with the computer so that the specialist can make a bridge section. When he was finished I had to cry a lot when he told me that the final bridge section will be placed over 3 weeks on 20 December. Exactly for Christmas !!

I hope that you will continue to support me, for example by sharing this message, giving support or making a donation. I also know that you have supported us tremendously over the past year, and that there are also a number of people who do not believe me.
I am insulted, threatened with death, I have had to block 200 accounts, only because I appeal to you for the 3rd time. It is just my wish and nobody has to participate, this is voluntary. I hope for your understanding or you can also just unfollow me. I will keep you informed of the developments and also try to post beautiful videos again.
Every donation however small can help me achieve the goal. If you have a question you can ask in DM via Twitter.
Love Tim xx
Geplaatst op 29 November 2018

Update : Dear friends,
When I woke up this morning, I thought that a miracle had happened. The standings for the #TeethForTim campaign now stand at € 945 euro !!!
Thank you for the many beautiful donations that have already been made by 24 people in 18 days. I love you and also the people who have shared it and give me support. I am starting to believe more and more that we are going to get it and therefore I am very grateful.
It's a Miracle !!!

I have also had the first conversations for my anxiety disorder and have a long way to go, but you keep me going and placing beautiful stories and animal movies is beautiful for you to do. So I also have the idea that I can give something back.
It is a lot of work a day to find beautiful things, but I like to do it for you !! I wish you all the best and hope that you continue to support me. Every gift / donation can help so that I can go through life with a smile
Thank you and love #Tim xx
Geplaatst op 26 November 2018

Update : Dear friends, after a Twitter silence of 2.5 months I returned on Twitter on September 15th to thank you for the support you gave me. I needed the silence to care for my wife and it was made impossible to continue by a number of jealous big media accounts. Now that I started the Christmas wish that is called #TeethForTim I get this group of people every day over me and who do not believe it. For the people who believe me and are happy with my account because there are beautiful videos / pictures, and heartbreaking stories every day I want to say thanks for all your support, sharing and donations. We are on the right track and hope that we will achieve the final goal, so that I can dare to look back with a smile to my wife, my children and the outside world. I will continue to keep you informed of the developments at the dentist.
Love #Tim
Geplaatst op 22 November 2018

Update : Dear friends, first something about myself. After I had an accident 4 years ago I started with Twitter, and in that time I could help many people who had a difficult time. A holiday for a mother with a handicapped child, a stairlift for a woman with ME, a wheelchair for a friend with cancer. This has all been given for free via companies that I had requested via Twitter and was nice to be allowed to do. When my wife went sick last year, I asked for your help and many people helped us and I personally thanked them via Twitter. After long thinking whether I could have a wish for myself, I started the #TeethForTim campaign and many people have helped me. We are not yet at the end goal, but I have confidence in you. There are people who think you can not have a wish for yourself and I,ve been also threatened every day which I find very bad. It was also a question from many followers of me if they could do something and that made me decide to continue this. Many people have been happy with my account for 20 months because they value it and I always try to have contact with my followers. I hope that you will continue to support me, for example by sharing the message, giving support or making a donation. How small the donation is, everything helps and I hope for your support and trust. I wish you a great Christmas time and you can Always ask DM on Twitter. Love Tim
Geplaatst op 20 November 2018

Update : Dear friends,
20 months ago I started the account of The Invisible Man on Twitter. Most people know me as #Tim and we have already experienced many things. After 30 years of working, the last 5 years have been getting worse with me. Stroke, number of TIAs, heart problems and I have been treated in hospital. When suddenly my wife went bad last year, I became very scared and the children too. The fear turned into hyperventilation, panic attacks and now the diagnosis is anxiety attacks. I have several times because of the high hospital and doctors bills asked for your help and you have helped us very much !! In addition to my psychological and physical illness, I have one wish for the future .... A new set of teeth. I am ashamed, do not come out on the street anymore and do not dare to face people. There are also people and a large media account on Twitter that do not believe me and put me in a bad light, but fortunately I have people who have assisted and helped me. I thank you for your trust and hope that we can fulfill my wish
Love Tim
Geplaatst op 17 November 2018

Update : Dear friends,
You all know me as #Tim from #Twitter I am 53 years old, father of 2 beautiful daughters and married. Today I had an appointment with the dentist and told him about my GoFundMe campaign. I really hope that we can all get the amount of € 2,630 together in the short term so that I can eat and laugh normally again. I want to thank the people who have already donated, and I would greatly appreciate it if you all share it with your network.
Every donation however small can help me achieve the goal. If you have a question you can ask in DM via Twitter. I hope we will get it, so that the dentist can get started. We still have a few days to fulfill my dream.
"once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything"
Love #Tim
Geplaatst op 14 November 2018

Update : Prices:

Price2018 Code Number

Small X-ray X10 2 € 31

Conduction and / or infiltration anesthetic A10 4 € 55

Construction plastic (filling) material R31 3 € 166

Crown R24 3 € 729

Bridge part R40 1 € 166

Second bridge section in the same intermediate section R45 1 € 83

Dental engineering costs bridge R24 € 1,400

Total € 2,630
Geplaatst op 08 November 2018

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