Back2Eden Lifestyle Center

Back2Eden Lifestyle Center

The Back2Eden ministry consist of 5 families working together to bless their community through education in the bible, health and practical

Christianity. With the Back2Eden project it’s our aim to open and run an outpost/lifestyle center to tend to the spiritual and physical needs ofpersons living in the region of Guyana and the Caribbean. Our lifestyle center will also function as a health retreat whereby we will accept guestsfrom around the world who are interested in a "health and missionary vacation" in South-America. We intend to establish a place where people would beable to attend for a physical and spiritual rejuvenation. It is our aim to educate our visitors in health and wellness, the bible, agriculture, woodwork and much more practical country living skills. Theyacquire these skills by spending a period of 2 to 4 weeks at our Back2Eden Center in Guyana. This center is an extension of our ministry to trainothers in spreading the good news of the Gospel. When our visitors come they will live the Edenic lifestyle at our center whereby they will eat fresh produce from the land and spend much time innature by engaging in gardening, nature walks, hiking, kayaking and much more. The lifestyle lived at our center is to reflect a heaven on earth. Itis to be seen by the world as a powerful marvel to behold. Notice the following commentary on the reason for our Back2Eden lifestyle center: “The Garden of Eden was a representation of what God desired thewhole earth to become, and it was His purpose that, as the human family increased in numbers, they should establish other homes and schools like theone He had given. Thus in course of time the whole earth might be occupied with homes and schools where the words and the works of God should bestudied, and where the students should thus be fitted more and more fully to reflect, throughout endless ages, the light of the knowledge of Hisglory.” All these plans have been put in prayer and God has even provided us with a place needed to realize the goals as described above. The only thingneeded to execute our plans are the finances to actually purchase the property (see pics). We're hereby requesting your help in establishing thisLifestyle center that will be used to benefit so many to learn about God and experience God's ideal for their lives. By donating to BACK2EDEN LIFESTYLE you help empower us to proclaim the three angels messages to the world in order to finish God’s work. Your giftis used to transform lives and to prepare people for practical Christianity at our Back2Eden Lifestyle Center. The work we do is possible because ofyour prayers and financial gifts. We encourage you to pray about how you can help by making a donation. Visit our website at:
Update : The location of the Back2Edenlifestyle has changed to Panama instead of Guyana. We have purchased a piece of property to be able to setup the center. However we do need your financial assistance to be able to realize the goal of having a functional Lifestyle center/health retreat where you can be rejuvenated physically and spiritually.
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