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I will be working at a organisation called VP Bali. This organisation provides classes and events to inspire end empower children.  In Bali there are hundreds of thousands of children who never get the opportunity to rise above the bare minimum, and are usually taken out of school as soon as there is a paid job available for them, so they can contribute to the family life. VP Bali gives children the opportunity to get educated for example learning English, this help preventing that they are going to live in really poor circumstances when they grow up. They also help the children with other things like the opportunity to explore and develop skills and talents in a playful way, and practice their problem­solving skills which don’t get addressed at the public school. So now you probably wondering why I as a dietician go there. They asked me and an other student to do research there about unhealthy snacking behaviour. In Bali there is more and more diabetes type 2. That’s a big problem seen a lot of people don’t have money for a health-insurance. VP Bali is seeing a negative development: during the breaks al the children are going to buy al kinds of candy snacks. They asked us to investigate how they can educate the children in a way they can turn this around. By developing an intervention we want to prevent that this children will get diabetes when they are older. Being involved in this project is very important to me! I really want to do something back for the world. I think its a privilege that you can have a education so I want to share the knowledge with people who otherwise wouldn’t have acces to this knowledge. I am really excited to learn this people things and I can also not wait to learn things from them. I would love to have some money to finance my stay and flight because at this point I have a hard timing financing everything. I already had a little bit of a tight budget and for the research I need a good laptop. Unfortunately my laptop broke so I had to buy a new one. This had a big effect on my budget.  You really, really, really would help me by donating money, it would take a lot of stress away because I am a lot of times scared I won’t have enough money. Every donation is a step to closer to my journey, I will be very thankful and I hope that after reading its clear what I am going to do. Thanks for reading and your time. greetings, Vianne
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