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Hello, my name is Hans Nusink, 69 years old this day. I am the father of two beautiful daughters and a wonderful 20 years old son. I am so happy to be grandfather of three granddaughters and single grandson. I love to dance the 5Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth and have been participating, for many years, in different Groups for Men. However it is now time for me to take a next step in life. I want to dedicate my life and its experiences to a mentorship for teenage boys.I have nearly finished a training program offered by KoningsHart to become a mentor who assists boys, from ages between 12 and 18, to manhood. Part of this mentorship is a Rites of Passage workshop for those boys and their families. This Rite of Passage represents a symbolic journey from an old to a new phase in life. It offers an opportunity for the youth to confirm and celebrate their entry into adulthood. I would really like to do a Leadership Training Program, a four day residential, facilitated by Arne Rubinstein who is a world leader in creating and running Rites of Passage. This training will hopefully help me understand the key elements of a Rite of Passage and how they can be applied in a multitude of situations, especially in my mentorship. It will help me improve my guidance and let me help the boys to the best of my ability so they can take their place in society, knowing their responsibilities as adult men.Unfortunately I am not in a position where I can pay the full amount required to do this Leadership Program. I would like to ask all of you if you could support me with a small donation, though bigger ones will also gratefully be accepted. ;)
De totale kosten zijn € 750. Ik heb al een deel bij een gebracht via een andere weg.
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