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For three years running, Foundation Seven Generations (a non-profit organization) organizes the Wisdom Gathering of Gratitude & Peace in Dalfsen (the Netherlands, Europe). Our basic intent with all we do is that it is to be for the good of all, to support all life, now and for the next seven generations.
The Wisdom Gathering is about connecting to your inner experience of peace and inter-connectedness with nature, supported by traditional fields of Wisdom, through sharing and listening to the teachings of innovative and ground breaking professionals (new education, new economics, Frequency technology and Native American shamanism to name a few). Through collectively creating international events that encourage diverse connections, we hope to sustain the connection to our inner wisdom, by sharing and expand learning capacities throughout the coming generations.
This year’s theme is Building Community.  ‘Keepers’ of traditional wisdom, students, listeners and part-takers will gather in June 2015, Netherlands to explore how we can support each other in building sustainable communities. Part of this is creating global and accessible platforms. How can we originate Peace Gatherings all over in the World? How can we use our current and expanding networks to foster values of collective peace and community support?
Each gathering aims to reconnect people with the deeper layer of peace that is present in us all, but is often hard to reach. Making choices from this place of peace helps us come to very different insights that affect the way we operate in the world.
At the Wisdom Gathering we create spaces for ceremony, conversation, healing and play; the ideal environment for living, built collectively by each person present. Join us in ‘Building Community’,  get inspired ,gain and share insights and help us connect the global family of peace-workers and wisdom keepers.
Help us set the foundation for this year’s community building gatherings, plant the seed of inspiration in our collective consiousness and grow tall trees together that our grandchildren’s children can play beneath. The funds we gather will go to support the travel expences of the Wisdom Keepers and help build the wisdom gathering initiatives around the world.
For more information about the Foundation and the Wisdom Keepers, please check:
For more on the building of world wide Wisdom Gatherings, please check:
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