Recording new single "Alone"

ALONE - The Single
Hi everyone, A little introduction: Marc Boland is a Dutch singer/songwriter who is known for changing his personal stories into beautiful pop songs. Songs/Ballads loaded with emotion, songs everyone can relate to in it's very own way. This song is very special to me, why? Cause last year everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong! I lost my uncle, my dad got diagnosed with cancer, my relationship stranded etc.. I've never been any closer to my breaking point than this year.Alone is a song written from a relationship point of view which shows both my weakness and my strength. The song describes how hard it is too lose someone and the emotions that come with finding your way back to the top. This year I really wan't to make my music get out there and and I need you to help me achieve my goal! I'm following my dream.
What I Need & What You Get

I need money to pay for the recordings. I Don't want this song to be another home recording, but I wan't to let you all hear all the details and emotion at it's finest quality.
A photoshoot for the songs artwork. 
And the release of this song on a worldwide digital way (iTunes, Spotify etc).

What you get:

To all of you who help me achieve this goal will get a free copy of "Alone".
Your name will be on my website as a special thank you! So everyone will hear about your very kind deeds.
My never ending love for making my biggest passion and dream come true!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're interested in any way and you want to have me performing live for you, contact me. Cause I would love to meet you all. 
If you're from The Netherlands and you're interested in helping me with the realization of this goal let me know! I can use every kind of help.
Promote this goal by tweeting, sharing it on facebook or any other social media website.

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