raising money for funeral

Salaam Aleykum,

My Dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

first of all al hamdulillah for everything.

My name is Hassan Molid Maxamed Farah i life in the Netherlands.

Sadly my aunt just passed  away Allah ya rahmoe in shaa Allah.

May Allah have mercy on her soul. Eventually every soul  will tasted the death.

We came up in a situation my aunt didn't have any insurance so we  had a conflict with the city hall about my aunty ,funeral they told us  they are  willing to help us they  will bury her on their own way so not on a Islamic way.


We ask a local mosque  for help they were willing to help us.

So they told us they will pay the whole funeral.

On one term we have to pay everything back because of she hadn't any insurance.

We are willing to pay everything back in shaa Allah with your help we can pay the mosque back. So what I am asking from my Muslim brothers and sisters please donate a small amount of money.

We are not asking for big payment walahi we are happy for every 1 euro.

Dja zaa kala kheyr may allah grant you all

Wa salama aleykum wa rahma tu laahi wa baraakthul
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