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After a sad period in my life( 7 years)(my mom passed away to a couple months ago).
I discoverd gaming and streaming.
I find my rest in online gaming like league of legends/smite/countrystrike and more.
Now i wanted to go streaming to show the world what I'am doing and entertain people with my gameplay and more.

To bad i have 5 9:00 till 17:00 days school and nobody want's a worker for only the saturday and sunday.
So I'am asking for a little donation so i can build up my dream with a new PC mine = 7 years old and can hendle nothing more then 1 low game on low graphics.
I'am not asking you to donate 1000 or what ever just a single 1$ = enough!

thankyou so much!
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Gestart op 10 juni 2015



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