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Welcome to Links & Clicks.

We are setting up a self-established home business company; the goal of the company is to provide high quality tips, idea, mentorship, and make available opportunities and platforms that will enable both me and you earn online.  We want to build a community where we can all earn together and provide each other with necessary assistance where we can. You can watch me first do it or join me already and follow along.


The idea is that every individual can make money from home and establish an online platform that provides steady income. We will be accomplishing this by providing necessary tools and resources you will need to become financially stable even without a job.


When the founder first started out he went through many difficult challenges and due to health problems, it was difficult to get a suitable job.  He understands that there are other people out there that share similar stories or even worse. Link & Clicks is inspired by this set of personalities to bring like-minded people together – by providing us with an opportunity to exchange ideas, share our stories, and spark inspiration in our lives, by being a team of researchers and a community of big thinkers. Here we believe that together, we can shine even brighter than we can do as regular individuals. Being part of this community is being part of an unstoppable force of both men and women. Together, we learn, develop, challenge and overcome.

What actually differentiates us from others, has nothing to do with being in business, but what brings us in unity is our shared passion for ideas, our thirst for creativity, our strength, and curiosity.

Links & Clicks was founded out of the intention of helping and inspiring likeminded people all over the world to always fight to be successful no matter the situations they are in right now. His main mission is to empower and inspire like-minded people by spreading knowledge of self-development and life changing platforms to the world. He is willing to hold hands with you, and also receive assistance so you can both make it through the process of creating a successful home business. He believes that as long as he can make it, anyone else can.


Links & Clicks provide you with platforms like; Forex – where we teach you how to trade or you could let the professionals’ trade for you; arbitrage betting and auto poker – you can make some easy and quick money by participating in the betting games and auto poker where you only need to stake a bet. You do not require any experience or skill to participate in the betting and auto poker; affiliate marketing – we also plan to setup an amazing platform where you can earn income from affiliate marketing like traffic monsoon and Clickbank. We know how difficult it can be to make it as an affiliate marketer, so we will assist and supply resources to help you earn online if you choose an affiliate marketing career.

Link & Clicks is all about teaching and helping each other earn online. It is suitable for both newbies and professionals.  Newbies can come in to learn and professionals can also come in to learn and provide tips for others to also learn. We can all share ideas and tips that have worked for us in the past.


Working with a team-build approach, we will perform all operation in such a way that we can successfully build an online platform where we can all earn from home. We struggle hard to offer the very best information to establish a successful home business.

There is so much more to enjoy from Links & Clicks. What we will be providing for you will be a combination of both information and actions to take.


We believe that great things happens when people come together to elevate and inspire each other. When we quit opposing, and start lending a hand, where we render ourselves and expertise to change the lives of others. We see a world where people feel they are part of something bigger, and a world where we are ready to give anything a go. If you believe in this too, then we would love to welcome you as a member of this community.
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