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Hello everyone!   After the destructive earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25th of April lots of people lost relatives, their homes and kids are unable to go to school.We decided to start an volunteer program called “Bring Thoughts To Action” (BTTA). Bring Thoughts To Action is an registered Nepali NGO established by a Nepali and a Danish. The NGO was established on the 1st of August 2015.The aim of the organization is to provide help in terms of aid and relief in case of any disaster, at the same time we want to empower the people with developmental activities within the communities.Since the earthquake more than 600 volunteers decided to work with BTTA, with the help of the volunteers and donations we were able to build over more than 300 shelters and provide the affected families with food. We are now trying to start a new project but we need your help with raising the funds to realize this thought! In summary, the program is a mobile covered event stage, which will house educational and recreational activities for kids and their parents.The activities will include showing educational films, school classes, theatre, dancing, music, nursing home, healing and meditation. The educational activities are not only for kids also for parents, show the impact of their behavior on their kids. In many Nepali households there is abuse of alcohol by dads to forget their sorrows.The educational activities will be in separate groups, kids and parents a part from each other.The aim of this educational program is to bring back a smile on the faces of the affected people even if it’s only for a minute, and give the kids a opportunity to have a better future!The volunteers of this program will be able to host an event everyday in a different village. They can use their expertise in helping the people getting their life back on track.The stage will be able to host more than 60 people. The stage will be raised above the ground by the metal frame so rain won’t obstruct the event. The tent is easily transportable so it can go from village to village. The project is very durable because we would be able to use the tent for many years!! It is also possible that other NGO’s can rent the tent to host their event, the rent of the tent will cost 2000 Nepali rupees or 19 USD. To turn this thought into reality we need a total amount of 167330 Nepali Rupee or 1673.30 USD.We need your help to raise this amount, even the smallest donation is a big help!!Please help the kids and their families!! We need your help to BRING OUR THOUGHTS TO ACTION! NamastéTeam, Bring Thoughts To Action.
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