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Men Apologize to Women
It is the power of the Divine Feminine that needs to be healed, balanced and supported by men - who collectively are responsible for the crushing of this energy through their patriarchal oppression. 
There is karma of many men involved in this obligation to women! The time has come to end the oppression of the Divine Female. The Rising of the Divine Feminine and the Healing of the Divine Feminine must be implemented in association with Global Women's Movements like Desert Flower, that fights against Female Genital Mutulation.
Since mankind men have oppressed and abused women who belong collectively to the Divine Feminine. Through implementing the radical and oppressive laws of believes, political and social dogma's, women from today experience the damage that this has done in history.
Men must learn to see how hurt, confused and abused women are for centuries. Women  are trapped through living according to men's written and unwritten laws! Every woman has the right to choose to be free and to be simply who she is, a Divine Female, and express herself as she desires.
Freedom has been taken away from her by  men telling her (through adherence to their scriptures) that she is not free to do what makes her a free female.
Time has come to HEAL the damage done through love and respect. Men can choose right now to give their loving service, to heal the Divine Feminine as a collective.
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Goal: Realising independent world wide professional offices with women ánd men with a wide range of initiatives to heal the Devine Feminine.
Financial start: 30.000 euro
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Jacobus Oudshoorn

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