Medical school tuition fees

The past year was really difficult for me and my family, lack of costumers induced my father to close his activity. I am working part time but this is not enough. My parent's can't help me more then they already did and mine own efforts aren't sufficient.
My dream is one day to become a good neurologist and help people with neurological deseases and maybe discover some new unknown mecchanisms that could leed to a development of a final cure for those deseases . Don't you actually think that the human brain is so incredibely fascinating and misterious? We only knew a small part of our capacities. I’m asking you to donate on my dream, a small donation from you is a really huge help for me.
I always dreamed about to become a good doctor, someone who dedicates his soul and body for his own believes and takes care of the others. 
Sometimes I'm doing a volunteering and seeing how many unfairnless there is in this world, how many old people are lonely and ill and how many children have so simply treated deseases and they can't receive good medical assistence because there are lack of medicians and medical care is expensive though.
I am asking you to let me follow my dream  as I already left behinde a big part of my way to medical degree and being a doctor who can really helps is my biggest disire.
I think that medical profession is very hard but yet most beautiful and greatful. You are always in touch with people, you sharing with them their fears, dreams and hopes and that's what give you a streigh to do impossible to save human lifes.
I saw my grandparents died when I was young, I saw my friend passed away from a leukemia when I was a teen and yes that were enough for me to take a decision to become a doctor.
The medicine courses are hard, sometimes I wish to have 48 hours in a day but I know that all my sucrificies will be repaid by gratitude in the eyes of those who were helped and selfconsciousness that at least for someone this world become a better place . Even if I am really determinated person I can't do much for my financial situation on my own now. Sometimes it is so hard to follow your dreams because of the factor called money. I am going to be dropped from all of my classes, ejected from the University, and all of my hard work will have gone to waste and I cannot afford to be removed from university.
So please support me, donate to my dream, let me continue my journey straigh ahead to my medicine degree, please donate to my project of life.
A small donation from you is a really big help for me.  Each donation is really important and I’ll be thankful and greatful for your donation for my entire life.
I need 500 people donate 10€ each and my dream will come true or just 50 people donate 100€ each to make it XD. But EVERY SINGLE DONATION is very important as well.
As the Beatles once sang, “and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make” as the help you’ll give me will turn you back in hundred times as you will gain my eternal gratitude and one day you will say “with my help there is one more great medician in this world because I helped that girl to become a doctor.”
I tryed to find all necessary amount by myself, I have been working and even though I do not get paid much and I can’t get any other loans as well. I need URGENTLY your help, please support me, invest on me, invest on my education as this is the only investment that would give you sure gain. In this world extremly big and extremly so small our roads may cross together and then it will be my turn to repaid for your kindness and help in return.  
 Also support me by spreading the word about my campaign by sharing the link to my donation page.
From all my heart thank you for reading me.                           
Anything helps, and I thank God for each and every one of you all.
May God bless you now and forever.

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