Go Europe Skate Surf & Snow

Q: WHO ARE Go Europe Skate, Surf & Snow?

A: We are a company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and we are dedicated to supporting the EUROPEAN skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding scene. That means sponsorship's, organizing events, road trips, training's and much, much more! Go Europe is made possible by a tremendous effort of many volunteers, whose help is of great value to us and enormously appreciated, and who in turn gain experience in the wonderful world of boarding sports. We like to give back, especially to the people and the sports that have brought us so much joy - which is also why we put much effort into supporting and guiding talented young athletes on their way to a professional career in skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

Q: WHAT does Go Europe DO?

A: Our core business is talent development! That’s why we offer talents the materials they need, training's, facilities, contest experiences (traveling to spots to compete and meet other athletes), promotional filming and photography, help them build up a portfolio everything else they require to become a professional athlete.

Q: WHAT are Go Europe’s GOALS for 2017?

A: We want to take Go Europe to the next level, and that means we’ve got some growing to do. So we’re working on a number of new things:
- More skateboard hardware SALES
- Getting our own TOUR/PROMO BUS
- Acquiring our own WAREHOUSE/MINIRAMP, including a multimedia room
- More EVENTS/WORKSHOPS to promote skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding

Naturally, realizing all these goals is going to require some serious cash. So we’re not just asking for donations and gifts – we’re stepping up our sales too. More precisely, we’ll be using the donations we receive to do just that: expand the business side of our company to increase our income. And that income will in turn go to buying our own TOUR/PROMO BUS and our very own WAREHOUSE/MINIRAMP. Any purchases you make from us will be a great help!

Here’s the plan:
Our donation target: € 6000

€ 3000 will go straight into a savings account earmarked for our very own TOUR/PROMO BUS and a WAREHOUSE/MINIRAMP.
The other € 3000 will serve as a budget injection. We’ll use it to increase our stocks by, say, 100 skateboards and 100 sets of wheels.
Selling these will yield a profit of € 1500 over the € 3000 we used to buy the stock, making for a hot sum of € 4500.
We’ll repeat this cycle until we reach our ultimate goal of € 15,000.
This € 15 000 will buy us a superbly cool TOUR/PROMO BUS to travel around Europe in, visiting skate spots, surf spots, snowboard spots, AND
1 full year of rent of our very own WAREHOUSE, with a edit/multimedia room (office), MINIRAMP and a stock room.
We hope to realize this DREAM by January 2018.

Q: What can you expect when you make a donation?

A: First off, any donation you make will make us very happy. So we’ll post a big SHOUT OUT to all donors on our social media. Donate more than € 30, and we won’t be able to contain ourselves: we’ll have to give you something back to show our gratitude. Here’s a list:
€5 - €25 -- A HUGE SHOUT OUT
€30 - €50 -- A HUGE SHOUT OUT and a Go Europe THANK YOU T-Shirt specialy designed by Sammy Speulman!
€50 - €100 -- A HUGE SHOUT OUT and 2x free admission to Contradiction, a T-shirt (see above) and a signed skateboard
€150 or more -- A HUGE SHOUT OUT and 2x free admission to Contradiction, a T-shirt (see above), a signed skateboard and a full-day free skateboard lesson for two from one of our very talented skateboarders!


Once we get our TOUR BUS, we'll be touring all around Europe to attend contests, shoot sick footage and spread the cool of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. So why not do some good along the way? We'll also be using our bus to visit poor neighborhoods, refugee camps etc. so that our pro skaters can shred some concrete with the kids there, teach them a trick or two, and give them a day they'll not soon forget.
Our WAREHOUSE will also be a place where European boarders can meet local boarders, do a little miniramp session, edit a new video and have a nice STAY in Amsterdam NL.

THANK YOU, and don't forget to LIKE, SHARE and of course DONATE!

Text by: Joa Warndorf (THANKS BRO)
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