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My name is Nick Wunderink and for 10 years, this downhill mountainbike event sat at the top of my wishlist. For years my boss wouldn't allow me, because of the risks inherent of such a contest. But 2015 will be the year that I'll let this wish come true. And for that I need your help! Check out the cool rewards at the bottom of this page!
For 12 years I drive through Europe to several mountainbike parks to do freeride and downhill. Since The Netherlands does not support this (there is no significant mountain), I often find my adrenaline shot accross the border. Since I'll be 33 years old when the event is being driven, the years for a downhiller are starting to count! I'm not putting it of any more, and I hope you will help me make my dream come true! Off course you will be rewarded for your donations!
On the 12th of July 2015 the Megavalanche will be driven and I'll find myself at the start in the snow. To be able to do that, one of the competition rules is that you drive a mountainbike that is maximum up to 3 years old. That means investing in good material. Downhill mountainbiking requires a special kind of bike, wich can take a beating!
The journey and the stay I will keep as cheap as possible, because I'll be traveling with my bright yellow motorhome and sleep at a campsite nearby. That way I can focus my finances as much as possible on the match.
As a (forced) starting entrepreneur I invested most of my finances last year in my working future. Obviously I have some savings and I will sell my downhill mountainbike that is to old for this competition. These finances will be the funding of this project, so I can cover my journey, the stay at the campsite, the application fee and a portion of the materials.
What is the Megavalanche?
Megavalanche is a downhill mountainbike marathon style event that mixes gravity-assisted excitement with enduro levels of fitness, guaranteed to test both of nerve and physique. The most famous round is run from the French Alps to a town of Alp D'Huez, starting on the glaciated summit of the Pic Blanc (3.3 km) and descending to the lush meadows of the valley bottom at Allemont (0,7 km), after some 2.6 km down en 30 km long.
Check out this compilation on Dirt Magazine TV:
Entry Megavalanche / Lift pass: € 105,-Stay campsite: € 225,-Food/drinks/fuel: € 375,-Mountainbike: € 2.700,-Materials: € 200,-
Sub total: € 3605,-
Own investment: € 1.005,-
Total: € 2.600,-
Why is my bike so freakin' expensive?
Compared to the average mountainbike that most people use on a daily base, a mountainbike for a contest such as this, must be more firm. Obviously it is not usefull if the frame breaks during the contest, but you also do not want a very heavy bike with you as you have to go uphill, so it should not weigh too much. It also has to endure a lot harder blows if you drive over rocky parts. Therefore I'm aiming for one of the less expensive bikes of Canyon, the Canyon Strive al 6.0. There are mountainbikes up to € 5.000,-, but even I think that's insane!
€ 15,- You receive an email with my selfie on the mountain at the start of the Megavalanche
€ 25,- Mail with my selfie and a personal postcard from the Alps (send me your emailadress and adress at MegavalancheNick
€ 50,- Your name will be on my contest shirt
€ 100,- Your name will be on my contest shirt and a personal postcard from the Alps (send me your emailadress and adress at MegavalancheNick
€ 250,- You will receive a film compilation of the contest filmed with a GoPro
€ 500,- You will receive a film compilation of the contest with your name in the credits , your name on my contest shirt and a personal postcard from the Alps (send me your emailadress and adress at MegavalancheNick
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