Keep the underground alive!

Me and my girlfriend want to keep the terror/speedcore scene alive. But the events we organise cost way to much. We don't wanna stop doing these events, but we can't pay it everytime from our own pockets. The last event we organised was "Legion of speedcore" event:
The total costs were like €1700+- and we got like 110 visitors and we made a loss of €600+-. We love doing these events and we always wand to give the visitors the best line-up we can think about. 
We hope to organise a big event through donations. The event will be called: "Keep The Underground Alive!"
The line-up will be speedcore/extratone artists the visitors ask for.
With €1500,- we can already organise something. And with around €2500,- we can make the most brutal line-up you could imagine!
We hope people want to be a part of our dream, and help us to keep the underground alive.
The entrance for the party will be €10,- that will be used for new events. Donations from €25,- or above will get a place on the guestlist. €100,- or above will get free entrance for ever at all "Hakkûh Dan" partys.
~Marco & Kelly(Hakkûh Dan)ûh-dan-295045327286560/
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