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in this case we want to facilitate the current Senior Elite team with an injection of knowledge and power by signing a all star quarterback.. and how do we know this will be the diffirence inl defeat or win?
2016 we had the priviledge to work with Allan Bridgford as QB his capabilities and intellectual horsepower brought us to the 2nd place in the European Football League.
Knowing what we know now. The experiences tgat we have been through gettting their are key for me to ask my friends and families to support this cause.
With him under center we also won the National Championship against a good Dutch contender. The trip/road to these 2 highlight of the season was amazing. we would like to continiou this in 2017 and can not do this without your love, blessing, finamcial input, your presence next to the battlefields...
We all knowntimes are hard so any donation is welcome. We do have business packages available on demand , custom made or last but not least the Quarterback Club 2017. Also known as the Cru Club of 100!!(donate 100 euro and become official member too) get on that wallboard with me..
I am asking you to be part of a football revolution in Holland.
Thank you in advance my love onces,

Coach Patrick Remak
DB Coach Amsterdam Elite selection ass. DC
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