'I KROYWARA I | duality of soul' is a concept of the CONTINUUM philosophy, in which duality is being recorded. This philosophy has shown to be a compact mass with room for branching. Since presented the first time with an exhibition 'NEGROWHITE - Identity & Image', Commewijne – Suriname, it has developed and still is. It deepened more in 'SHEMACHO - I challenge I. Both results of an obsession to develop this philosophy with an artistic approach. While duality had been shown to spectators as contrast in 2010, it evolved to harmonize in 2012. In 2015 it is presented as symbioses during the Moengo Festival of Visual Arts (MFVA 2015). Participating in MFVA 2015 and Nyun Sten Festival 2016, have been other opportunities to work on concepts based on the same philosophy. In the concepts presented in this document duality seeks more to become synergy.
Earth, water, air, fire and ether form an important part in ancient and modern rituals. They are anchors for our customs. While all five elements are shared in different concepts of continuum, Duality of soul is essential for transformation. When a soul leaves a body, it means letting go from one function to make room for another. In the concept for this proposal a balefire denotes rebirth of time spirit. In addition, elevating humanity in the physical realm to connect with the spiritual realm using art. Underlying the artistic aim - to demonstrate the rebirth of our consciousness with contemporary art - is the question: What are the differences and similarities between cultures and beliefs that came in Latin America over centuries and those of indigenous people here about reincarnation and transformation? The focus is on the new values ??within the duality of human condition in the 21st century. Research focus is on ceremonies covering:
·         conception to cremation; learn about what is in life

·         cremation to conception; to worship what was and is coming back

The term 'KROYWARA' is one of the many names used by different ethnical groups in Suriname for the same activity. It is the process where woodpiles are being made for burning. An activity during preparation for planting. Kroywara also refers to its short-term effects; a ritual of insufficiently burned tree trunks and branches to be further burned. This term is known by indigenous people in Suriname and origins back to the Arowak. Out of respect for nature, damage is limited and the place where it takes place becomes fertile. Many natural and cultural changes are taking place. In both areas humanity can have influence. Unlike cultural changes, our control over natural changes is much less. The difference of cultural and natural changes is a guiding principle for research on ceremonies surrounding birth, death, exorcism, greetings and rebirth. 'I KROYWARA I' is a metaphor of cultural elements to raise awareness, giving honor to mother earth. Since nature does not need us more than we need her, we should reflect looking inside and be aware of what is happening around as well.
Miguel Keerveld
Weird Artist | online portfolio 
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Miguel Keerveld

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