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Hello, i am Richard and i need help to get to the love of my life and our little girl.
I am Richard, 34 and live in Holland, in the last 4 years i have been in a relationship with a lovely woman from the Philippines. Because we both didnt have a high income, we didnt meet in real yet. We both saved money as much as we could to get together and renovate the house in the Philippines for our future to live together next year.
Being 4 years in a relationship with being together in real is very hard, and needs a lot of sacrefices, but somehow we managed to do it because we knew that one day we would come together and it would be worth it. 
In 4 years we had amazing happy moments, but also a lot of stuggle, because when you really need each other you cant be just there for the other, we notice that in 2013 when my mom suddenly died. 
The last weeks have been a big stuggle also, because the long time of waiting for each other took its toll, and we things gone wrong. With my last savings i bought tickets to get her here in November, we tried to fix things and even if we couldnt afford it we buy the tickets to get together finaly and earlier than planned.
Unfortunately my fiance decide to give up anyway a few days later, she was struggling a lot the last weeks and had a lot of problems with her grandma's health and get a visa to come to Holland, and struggle with the problems of her trauma in her past. I still have contact with my sister in law about her, and its not going well with her. We are all very worried about her that it might go wrong. Thats why i want to go there as fast as possible to be there for her and support her in this difficult period, and hopefully find our way back to each other. Because even if she break up, i know she still loves me, but she just want to run away for her problems, because sometimes it looks like thats the easy way to run away from fears and a trauma. In 2014 and 2015 the store of her and my mother in law has been robbed twice, and i one case the robber fired a gun. The last months she started to develop sings of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and it makes me and others worried, because she changed a lot in the last weeks and doesnt talk much anymore to others. PTSD can cause depression, and after what happend in the past and last few weeks is very tough for her, so i have no choice but to go there as fast as possible before it maybe gets worse for her. So i hope that you can help me to get me to her and our 6 year old little girl so we all can support her, and maybe can bring us back together and back in love later, it will be a tough fight, but she is the love of my life, and i will do everything for her and our little girl.
I can annulate the tickets, but it cost quite some money, and takes about 8 weeks before its refund. So it will take to long before i can be there. I really hope that you understand the situation we are in and can help us, even just a little bit i will be very thankful. Thanks for reading our story and your time. 

Kind regards, Richard. (Abegail and Princess Snell)

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