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HELP TNR & Care for Cats of Curaçao

When I moved to Curacao, It was heartbreking to see and hear about the overpopulation of Cats on the Island. Most of them not Spayed or Neutered, they keep reproducing in the harsch climate, with no future for the litters. 
In Curaçao, it is "kittenseason" ALL year round, so mamacat gives birth to a litter, and when the kittens are 8 weeks, the mommy is ready to reproduce again.

I started feeding a group of "kunuku-cats" (a local name for feral cats. living in the wild). They all were emaciated, and had wounds, due to lack of proper nutrition. I started feeding them to trap, spay and neuter and take care of them medically. To this day, I'm taking care of 86 cats, 11 in my household and 75 more in the wild. They are fed every day and taken care of medically when needed and are all spayed and neutered.  That's part of what I do on a personal basis.

We also take in and bottlefeed orphan kittens, ranging from a few days old, to two weeks, all found in the wild, without their mom present. They get KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and are nursed back to health, with all the care they need. We try to find new homes for them, as soon as they are old enough and given a clean bill of health.

There are about 5 active "catlady's " on the island (not nearly enough), and we all get a lot of calls for help. We try to attend to all of them, working together as a team, but since there are so many cats, and we don't receive gouvernment funding, we currently have them on a waitinglist. There are just too many cats for us, to pay for all the operations.  We just can't keep up with the applications! 

We do intakes on a daily basis. Residential areas where there are groups of 15, 25, 30 or 40+ feral cats, that need to be spayed and neutered. The islands native residents don't have the financial resources nor the proper equipment to trap them and get them neutralised and to go to the vet themselves. With low wages they struggle to provide for their own family. So it is essential that they get help. We support them by providing catfood, medical aid, de-fleaing and deworming and offering help in managing the population. We use cattraps, netting and kennels, to catch them (and lots of tuna and sardines :-) )

We're more then willing to spend our time and energy, trapping these animals and getting them to a vet. We work with a variety of Vets and they all give us huge discounts on the operations, but still... with so many feral animals, Vetbills rise skyhigh.

So this is my plea to you: Please help us prevent animals reproducing and supporting the families that want to care for these cats! Every cat that we trap and neutralise, means preventing new litters from being born to a life without a future! 

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