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Dear everyone,

Thank you so much for clicking/having the interest to read our story!
We like to introduce ourselves;
Our names are Clint and Naomi,married for 8 years,32 and 34 years old,we are living in the Netherlands and we have 2 wonderful sons,Emmanuel 4 years old and Joël 3 months old,2 miracles received from God!

The reason why we sharing our story and raising money through Gofundme is because we have a great purpose,desire and a big and warm heart for South Africa and her precious people!
Our lovely first introduction to South Africa was in the year 2009/2010 and we fell in love with the beauty of South Africa in all her ways!We've lived and studied for 1 year in Port Elizabeth,Eastern Cape and we lost our hearts to the streetchildren,orphans,disabled and poor and needy families.During our 1 year stay we handed over foodpackages/drinks/clothes/shoes/personal needs/Bibles and very important aswell,a listening ear and many hugs.

Our professions in the Nederlands are: 
Clint: Technical Ingeneering/ICT in Hotel Intells for 6 years now.Repairing everything what is broken,damaged or doesn't function as it should be,this includes creating/renovating/painting etc aswell.
Naomi:Social Worker/Daycare worker/Teacher assistent.I worked with children in the age of 0 till 12 years,(aswell I did the administration task in Daycare Centre) for 13 years.
*For my health condition,[I'm diagnosed with different kind of chronical disseases]living in a warm climate will be so much better!>It causes less pain,inflammation or infection.

For many years,since our childhood we carrying a warm heart for the continent Africa and her precious people.During our latest stay in South Africa,last year 2015,my husband and I came to the final conclusion that we like to immigrate to South Africa and to run a Selfcatering Guesthouse in Summerstrand,Port Elizabeth and accomodate tourists/business men and South Africans.Clint and I have both the skills to manage a Guesthouse because of our professions.
Beside this we know the South African culture,we can speak English aswell Dutch and understand Afrikaans and like to learn the local official languages of South Africa and most importantly we like to help through our income from the Guesthouse the needy in South Africa.Here is were our heart lays!
We like the fact that we are independent with helping the needy through our income of the Guesthouse.

Thank you so much for reading our story and perhaps the interest to donate.
If you need any further information or do you have questions,please don't bother to contact us.

Any amount is of great significance!
We will keep you updated here so you can follow the progress!

With love,
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