Get this man a new HTC vive

HTC lost my Vive.
I preorderer an HTC Vive from Canada on March 23, 2016. My expected shipping time was May 2016.
On May 2e I got an email stating my Vive had been shipped and my credit card had been charged. Neither of those were true.
The provided tracking was not a valid tracking number. It was not even in the right format, digits were missing.
May 3, 2016
I contacted HTC support, the agent said the tracking number had been mistyped in their system, he mentioned HTC would communicate with FedEX to find the real tracking number. He stated I would get valid tracking information by the end of the day or they day after at the latest. I was satisfied, I waited a day.
May 4, 2016
No valid tracking information was given that day or the next, so I called again.
The second agent claimed they had contacted FedEX but fedex had not responded. I called fedex myself during the conversation with the agent. Fedex picked up right away and answered all my questions on the spot. Unfortunately they needed to know where the item was shipped from (they would not tell me if they had any packages being sent to my address).
The HTC agent could not tell me where the item was shipped from. He claimed he would "escalate" the issue and I would be contacted shortly.
I waited a day and I called again.
May 5, 2016
Soon enough I had both HTC and FedEX on the customer support line. FedEX still couldn't give me tracking information without knowing more about the sender. They needed an address or a customer ID (FedEX's customer… so HTC)
HTC agent did not know where the warehouse was located and he didn't know HTC's fedex account information.
The HTC agent then asked for my escalation number… I was never given one. The HTC agent said he would escalate the claim.
I was not given an escalation number, a tracking number or any new information at all
May 6, 2016
My credit card was finally charged. I still had no valid information about anything and HTC had not contacted me
I nagged some more, now rather upset that they took my money and, as far as I could tell, had not shipped my package.
I got yet another HTC rep to talk to me. There was no news from FedEX, they couldn't confirm or deny if my package had been shipped. As far as HTC or I know, some jackoff from their warehouse walked away with my item and fudged a tracking number. Or they shipped it to the wrong adress. Or they shipped it correctly and lost the tracking information. Or they didn't ship it at all. HTC had lost the package.
I asked the HTC agent what the next step would be. He said he would escalate.
My temper was the only thing doing any escalation. All week long had was fed bullshit about escalations and apparently it still hadn't been done. Broken promises of emails and invalid information was still all I had, except now I was down 1300CAD.
I asked when I would be shipped another Vive… clearly this one was lost. Never was the answer. The agent said they would only ship a replacement after I receive my initial Vive and only if it was damaged.
But what if I don't receive it? I asked. Then we will escalate. They replied
I was not amused.
I insisted some more and finally was given an escalation number. My very first sign of progress.
I asked when escalation would bear fruit? The HTC agent told me the escalation department would begin working on my ticket within 7-10 business days.
Will they ship a replacement then? Agent: Not unless you ship faulty Vive back
So here I am, in a feedback loop. I may or may not be getting a Vive, because HTC lost my package information
And If I don't get my original vive, I'm not getting one and I'll have to fight to get my money back.
"Thank you for choosing HTC"
So here's my advice to anyone looking to buy a Vive: Wait until they are in-store and pickup yours yourself.
Tracking information on a 1300$ package is not an option. This is not some common envelope with a stamp. This is the kind of package you miss work to sign the reception. Can't do that when your package is lost.
UPDATE Following u/Tin_Foil 's advice I contacted FedEx again and they did do a search using my address... and nothing is being shipped to me!
My Vive was either lost or stolen.
Gaben pls halp
I got no news but I want to thank everyone who upvoted and commented in here, I think it gave me my best chance yet to get my headset.
Vive le VR Libre!


A week ago I made a post here describing how HTC had lost my Vive. link
In a nutshell: HTC billed my CC but provided an invalid tracking number. I called the courrier (FedEX) and they confirmed that 0 packages were being shipped to me. I called HTC every day for the past 2 weeks and I was given nothing but promises. Everytime I call they end up saying the same thing: We will escalate your issue and someone will call you within the next days, maybe even today, with a valid tracking for your new vive. HTC is aware that no package is being shipped to me. They acknowledged that fact many times. My Vive isn't coming and HTC just does… nothing.
Nothing is new, nothing has changed. HTC still has my $1300 CAD and they have not shipped my a Vive. They have not called me. They have not emailed me.
I still called every day of the week and every time I was as courteous as the canadian stereotype. It did me no good.
No one from HTC or the corporate VR world has contacted me. I was robbed.
When I was a teenager in the 90's I loved to watch Star Trek TNG. The holodeck episodes were my favorite. That room seemed like the coolest invention ever. The food replicators had nothing on it. Who cares about tea, earl gray, hot when you can synthesize anything you want in a holodeck. I spent hours trying to imagine how that tiny room could contain so much. I envisioned mechanism where the parts of the room you weren't looking at would change to create the illusion of space. How every time you'd look the other way the room would change it self to create depth. I've been dreaming of building my own Holodeck ever since. I have been dreaming of VR for a long time.
I thought it could finally become a reality… The Vive seemed to good to be true and I guess that it was.
It is with a very heavy heart that I unsubscribe from r/vive. You guys are great and I love reading your posts. I'm so thankful for everyone who chimed in my first thread with good vibes, solid advice or similar stories. I'm gonna miss this sub, but I can't stay. It hurts too much to know that I will forever be on the outside looking in.
Today marks 2 weeks (10 openable days anyway) since my Vive was lost by HTC and I will initiate a chargeback with my credit card company. I am aware that these procedures mean my card, account and address will be blacklisted. I won't be able to get a Vive now.
My VR ride ends before it begins. Hopefully I can recuperate the 1300$, a considerable sum that I just can't afford to lose.
I took over the living room. I got rid of furniture to make space. I bought pads to muffle the sound of me jumping and crawling around for my neighbours. I installed wooden receptacles for the lighthouses… but HTC Lost My Vive.
I'd like to give a shoutout to these guys, all of whom have had some sort of issue with HTC and their piss-poor shipping practices and worse customer service
I hope you guys got your devices
EDIT due to popular demand here is me doing the twitter thing again
I greatly appreciate all your kind folks, your words, stories encouragements and suggestions. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
On both of my posts you guys have tried way harder than any HTC support staff has during my NUMEROUS calls
r/vive is the best

So lets get this man a new HTC vive!!
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