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Hallo, all lovely volkeren...! Alstublieft doneer to mijn dromen to build een Tropische Vlindertuin. Alsjeblieft, mijn kat doing campagne voor mij. I want to do something for rare tropical butterflies and moths. I need your help to make my dream comes true! For everyone who's interested to support my dream project: Build Tropical Butterfly Farm, this site is in Dutch version. If you aren't speak Dutch you can change into your language by clicking translator box above this site.
I'm a nature beauty lover from West Java, Indonesia. Always being amazed to see butterflies especially by their beautiful colors. But in recent days it seems that several butterflies species become too rare to be found. So sad facing a fact that some adorable butterflies used to visit around my yard now disappeared, they don't come anymore!
Based on that fact, I have a dream to build a butterfly farm as a place for breeding, collecting and doing conservation of some rare tropical butterflies and moths especially for the native Java butterflies where I'm living. If the butterfly farm proper enough it would be functioned as recreational area. I think it's effective for spreading endless butterfly conservation campaign. Hopefully by seeing various beautiful butterflies in different shapes and colors fly freely in the artistic garden inside the butterfly farm it would be raising social awareness to more preserve rare butterflies and moths.
I'm very excited to bring this batterfly farm into reality. But it's needed much money to start up. So I beg for your help, please donate as you can. Your donation will be kept for cover the cost of purchasing a piece of land, build butterfly house, build hatchery and caterpillar cages, buy host and nectar plants also several garden equipments.Being part of someone's dream comes true is a wonderful things, isn't it? God would be blessing you eternally for your kindness!
Voor de Dutch volkeren, ik denk dit feit might encourage you to doneer to mijn droom (sorry, ik spreek geen Nedherland)....Indonesie en Nedherland hebben een relatie! Your voorvaders, for about 350 jaren had ever lived in Indonesie. Sometimes ik vaakstel "menier-menier en noni-noni Belanda" (our grandparents call your voorvaders like that!) wandelde onder theetuinen, zien rijstveld, bewonderen our tropische klimaat country...hoe romantisch! The Nedherland erfenis like oude gebouws, de bridges and many more still robuust till now. De Dutch is like the old friend for Indonesisch!
Once again for all generous persons, all animal lovers and all nature lovers around the world, please support my dream project. My kitty Chiko doing campaign for me, Look at his eyes.. Would you support him! Chiko represent me beg you to make a donation! For your donation/doneer, I offer several rewards/souveniers as exchange of your kindness:
€5-€35: I will send thank you message emailed to you
>€35-€75: Thank you message from me and Chiko emailed to you + Your name on a pebble stone, placed in butterflyhouse
>€75-€100: Thank you message from me and Chiko emailed to you + Your photo in beaded doorway curtain (please email me your photo)
>€100-€150: You will receive batik tie + etnic handkerchief + reward from >€35-€75 level
>€150-€250: a Tablecloth in Javanese etnic motif + reward from >€75-€100 level
>€250-€350: a Tropical pareo/saroong (please confirm for man/woman?) + Your pet photo on mosaic (please email me your pet's photo) + reward from >€75-€100 level
>€350-€500: You will get a shirt in Indonesian etnic motif (please confirm for man/woman? And the size) + your butterfly and flower photograph placed in the butterfly house (please email me the photos) + reward from >€75-€100 level
>€500-€1,000: a HandPRINTED Batik wall Art, size:43"x88" + a stone plaque as In memoriam of your pet/someone you love, placed inside butterflyhouse (please email me his/her nameand your notes, max:7 words) + reward from >€75-€100 level
>€1,000 or more: You will receive a HandPAINTED Batik wall Art + Your name engraved on a brick at walkway inside thebutterflyhouse + reward from >€75-€100 level
I wish it would impress you all!! Alstublieft help doneer, dank je..Thank you soo much!!!
- For who make donation until 30th September 2015, the physical rewards (pareo, shirt, etc) will be sent in the middle of October 2015. Free shipping!
- For the rewards displayed in the butterfly house (such as your name on pebble stone, your pet on mosaic,etc) It would be created and placed when the butterfly house have built (it might be next year or the following years)
- For confirming shirt size also for sending pet photo,etc can be sent
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