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Hello everyone,

About us: I am Raquel and my husband is Øivin we are married and have a family together with four children from small to large.

We want to establish the foundation: Foundation serendipity for children on Bonaire. For children from families who do not have wide, and children to houses on Bonaire. Give the opportunity to experience a nice cozy weekend full of activities. We start with one once a month, with growth opportunities.

How can you help us. By donating, so that we will get fast to our goal amount  , and really can started   this beautiful dream. You get step by step update so you can see where you money is  used for .

With our foundation serendipity we can offer these children and people so much more then a holiday weekend getaway:

• So that they know that they belong there.

• So that self-confidence can grows .

• So that their feeling less lonely.

• That their see that there are people who are thinking about them.

• They make friends.

• That their may also have a  holiday weekend full of fun.

• All positive experiences,   the kids can take to their environment, which then again also has a

positive effect on their environment

Feathers much more ... ..

Why we want do this: Because we really have a lot of fun and love of volunteering, philanthropy and charity, because we can do  something in this way for society. And make the world a bit  beautiful.

Why Bonaire: I was born in Curacao, and Bonaire is an island next to it. That's almost the same as my native island but smaller and close to Curacao I know that we can achieve much there, and that it is necessary to be able to give it to them.

Our own contributions: our savings and our own special Bed and Breakfast that we also start there. That gives us the possibility of accommodation for the Foundation and 5% of our Bed and Breakfast earnings ourselves donate each month to the foundation.

But to realize this: There we have a startup capital needed, that is why we can use all the help with donations.

Incentive for donation, once everything has been realized:

• For donation of € 50, - we offer one free 3-course dinner for 2 in our Bed and Breakfast to, if you are on the island.

• For donation of € 100, - and more, we offer one free  holiday weekend stay at our BB for two people to, if you're on the island.

• For donation of € 500, - and more we offer 1 week free stay at our Bed and Breakfast for 2 persons, if you are on the island.

• For donation of € 1000, - or more we offer 1 week free stay at our Bed and Breakfast for 2 people to a one week free dinner if you are on the island.

• For donations of very large amount, we will talk together what you will get in return.

This would not mean that we are not happy with smaller amounts, because we certainly are.

As we of course need you information for your so that we can keep in touch, on developments. Which can be emailed to  /  where we store them. Your contact information will be strictly be used only  us to contact you, and to send your up- date.

We are very grateful for your donation, and we can not wait to get started to realize our beautiful dream  to be proud of.

We thank you for your help and support.

Greetings Raquel

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1 jaar geleden
Heel veel geluk gewenst, ik geloof in jullie en die mooie plannen. Die kinderen krijgen een mooie tijd met jullie als die droom er is. Ga zo door en geeft echt op, dat zit wel goed bij jullie want op geven staat niet in jullie woordenboek. gr xxxxxxxx

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