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Just when I felt I was doing well as a pastry chef, teaching classes at a big culinairy institute in Amsterdam, disaster struck.
Had some tummy aches and it resulted in them taking out 3 tumors from my ovaries. They took the ovaries out and they also took a big part of my colon. Took me a long time to recover, but on the way up again and even more determined than ever to realize my dream. 
Want to own a food truck and travel, cooking food with local ingredients, tell and educate people on the importance of buying local food and cooking everyday for yourself and your family. On my travels I want to write a (cook)book about the whole experience, whilst keeping up a Facebook page so people can follow me where ever I go. 

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Gestart op 18 juni 2015


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Lizzy Martin

1 jaar geleden
Hi Sarah, wat een geweldig idee, ik hoop echt dat het je lukt en dat ik dan ook een keer mag meedraaien op een leuk festival. Veel succes!

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