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Hello eveybody,

Ik know a lot of people have dreams and they want to better the world.  I am a really creative and educated young woman. Also an single mother of two little boys living in Holland. I want to give them something, a good future. My dream is to start my own brand in lingery and bathing suits for men, women and kids. For the whole family. I want to use ecological fabrics from Armenia and also let women and men do the tailoring there because these people are so talented and have the best heart. In Armenia people are really talented with their hands. They can make everything. With this project I don't only want to have my own brand, but I also want to help mother nature and the awareness of ecological product and help my Armenian people.
So if you are with me in this project, lets do this and make people happy.
 Thank you so much.
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Anna Karapetian

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