Cloud opslag service

Ik wil een cloud storage service zoals Dropbox beginnen.
Hier de beschrijving in het Engels van mijn project op Indiegogo:
I am Daan Janssen, 16 years old and I like everything that has to do with computers.This campaign is important because I want to start up my own cloud storage service, which is like Dropbox, but totally different. With current cloud storage sellers you pay more than you need to do, their plans don't suit you. When you're for example running out of storage you have to upgrade your current plan in order to get more Gigabytes. With my cloud storage service you only pay per Gigabyte, which means that you never pay more than you need to.You'd help me a lot if you contribute to my campaign. You'll help me realise my dream and you'll help me change the way people use cloud storage.What We Need & What You GetI want to raise €2000 to be able to pay for all the costs that are involved with starting up the cloud service. Such as server rent, domain names, SSL certificates and a VAT-number.My cloud storage service is different because you only pay per Gigabyte, that means that you only pay for what you use! You don't get caught up in a very expensive plan just because you want a few Gigabytes.All the money I'll raise will go to the project.Change
It's very important that there is a cloud storage service like the one I'm building because you'll get what you need for a fair price.
Risks & Challenges
If I don't reach my goal, we can't ensure that you'll get your perk. I depend on multiple companies, if something e.g. they decide to up their prices, I'll have to up mine too. But I guarantee that I am always looking for ways to cut prices. 
Other Ways You Can Help
If you just can't contribute, it doesn't mean you can't help:
Ask friends/family/animals to get the word out and make some noise about my campaign.
Thank you for reading. See you in the cloud ;-)
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