Bringing Marley home!

A year ago the dog of our family died, her name was Happy and she filled our lives with so much joy and happiness and we still miss her so badly. She was the first dog I allowed to lick my face and the first dog I was not afraid of. When she died a part of our family died with her and ever since there is an empty space in my family's home. There is a quote that says: A home is not a home without a dog. And it's true. She helped my family through all kinds of trouble. When I was sick she would lay with me for hours. When I cried she was the one that licked my tears away. And when I was happy, she shared my joy and excitement. Without a dog our home is not the same but we never dared to love another one because no dog could be as special as her.
And now when I am far away from home and at least expect it, I found her, Marley. I never thought I could love another dog as much as I loved Happy, but I do. Instantly I felt that connection, and so has my family back home. We never thought of having another dog, but with Marley it is different. She is no streetdog, or guarddog, she is a house dog. One that only wants to give love and get love in return. So we want to bring her home to the Neterlands, so we can fill her life with love and she can fills ours with her presence. But it cost a lot of money and effort, so any help we can get is amazing! She deserves a loving and caring home, and we want to give her that.

Due to the fact that she needs a lot of things done before she can come to her forever home. The money will be used to pay her veterarion bills. Marley now has the Parvo virus, which could be deadly for a puppy if not treated. This is another battle Marley has to fight. The second battle will be to get the requierements to get her to her forever home. All the money will only be spend on her, and you can follow her progress on facebook,  Marley Goldenheart.
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