A Dream Garden For My Mom

Hi all! Alsjeblieft doneer for mijn room to build been mooie thin voor mijn mom..Please help me fund for my mom's dream garden! The beautiful woman in the photo is my mom, still active and passionated person, ze noog steeds strong mom
A couple months ago, she got sick, just a hypertention caused by her health's drop. She faded all days long, delirious in her slept, unwilling to eat everything and also vertigo.bid
.We all prayed for her healing. Wij allemaal bid voor haar genezing. I believe sending "beautiful prayer" can help someone's healing. I sent prayer to make her feel as though she is in the beautiful garden with various flowers blooming everywhere, with clear pond and river. All fantasy about beautiful garden was loaded in my dream.
Dank God, after a month she got well. And the excited thing is she told during her sickness, in her slept she always dreamed a gorgeous garden with various flowers blooming everywhere, wshe said she could smell all flowers fragrances, pick a bunch of flowers. She also said there were butterflies with beautiful colors flew around her.
From her eyes I can feel she is impressed and miss the wonderful garden in her dreamt  much. Ik denken ze willen de mooie tuin in haar droom come into reality. As her son I want to make my mom happy. I want to build an artistic garden with various flower plants, butterfly house, small pond, little waterfall,etc..
To make the garden come true, I need your help. Please donate as you cans
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